In 2007, Shawn Manzanares, converted her 100 year old family home into one of the only privately owned coffee houses in the area. The Denver Highlands’ newest establishment, Highlands Cork & Café, quickly gained a loyal following at their convenient location on 32nd Ave and Meade St. It didn’t take long for word to get out and the business to grow. What started as a gathering place in Denver for coffee and breakfast has developed into a flourishing coffee, cafe and wine bar.

Shawn’s redesign of the patio, with two new wheel chair and stroller friendly ramps, made Highlands Cork & Café the neighborhood’s most inviting and inclusive place to gather. Above all else we want to foster an environment at our Café that makes everyone feel as welcome as they would walking into the home of a family member or friend. Just like our namesake neighborhood the people who frequent our establishment come from a wide range of backgrounds, philosophies, age groups and interests. Everyone is welcome. Our “Patio Patrons” have dubbed our warm afternoons as “Puppy Hour” as there is always a wide array of four-legged customers as diverse as their two legged companions. With water dishes and dog treats laid out for their enjoyment our canine crowd is just as content as our customers.

Whether you are here for a cup of coffee in the morning, a Panini for lunch or a glass of wine to end your day we invite you to pull up a seat and stay awhile.